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Walnut Creek DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Donald R. Nobles served for over ten years in the Alameda County District Attorney’s office.  Donald is an experienced California Criminal Law Attorney, experience counts. Some of his assignments were with the felony trial team, consumer fraud team, and the drug offenses teams, among other assignments. He has tried numerous felony and misdemeanor cases and has negotiated and litigated over 1500 cases, including DUI, insurance fraud and drug offenses, to name a few. Now, Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer Donald R. Nobles is here to provide the criminally accused throughout the East Bay with strong, effective criminal defense in every case from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. As a former prosecutor, Donald Nobles understands how the other side operates. He has worked with the judges and DA’s and knows where they are coming from. This experience puts our office in a good position to negotiate a positive resolution early in your case, as well as provide an excellent defense in the courtroom where a trial promises the better strategy. Any criminal charge or arrest can have potentially serious consequences. Beyond facing jail or fines, a conviction can wreak havoc in your personal and professional life as well, with adverse impacts on your ability to get or keep a job or professional licenses, and many other privileges we all normally take for granted. From DUI or traffic offenses to drug crimes, we understand the serious implications of these offenses and work to lessen or avoid any negative effects at risk in your particular situation. Our practice is particularly sensitive to juvenile offenses and the long-term effects that a conviction can have on a minor’s future. Effective East Bay Criminal Defense Lawyer If you or a family member has been arrested, call our office for a free consultation and immediate assistance. We can take calls at anytime to deal with an emergency and will respond appropriately to the situation. In Solano, Alameda or Contra Costa County, contact the Law Offices of Donald R. Nobles for advice and representation from an experienced criminal law attorney.

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